Tuesday, October 03, 2006

why was my article removed BBC

why was my article removed
This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 03 Oct 2006
By daoud jibreel

Hi people

It seems that the moderation team of the BBC do not like certain articles that I have placed on this site in what I consider to be IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

For instance the article welsh water co. scamming the vulnerable available on http://thassrightcrazydave.blogspot.com/ Paste that to your browser and you will be able to read it and then perhaps you will complain to the BBC on my behalf that it has been removed unnecessarily so.

That is if you ever get to view this.

For a full list of blogs by Crazydave go to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/

I hope you will complain to the BBC of their removal of this material and infact they may well be aiding n abetting in the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults by its very removal.

Love n Light Crazydave"

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